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Satisfied Cats -
 Full Branding & Web Packages 

Laugesens logo transparent-16-20.png

"We made use of Emma at's services for logo and website design to create our site, an online retail store in early 2022.
The brief supplied was vague to say the least, but Emma was able to make something of it and quickly as well. The process was never a chore, we went back and fourth fine tuning what we were after easily.

The results speak for themselves, we have achieved excellent sales and receive regular positive feedback on the appearance and ease of use of our site.

I found Emma excellent to work with, helpful, honest and intuitive. I would recommend her to anyone looking for creative services."

-Tim from Laugesens Gardens, Whanganui

Tim & the team at Laugesens approached me for a website to sell their amazing local produce online and deliver locally.  We soon decided they needed a new logo too!  After a few revisions we reached our final product above, I really love it! It goes perfectly on their letterhead or would be great for a large sign. 

Onto the website, this has to be one of my favourite designs to date.  We both have had so much positive feedback on the easy to use online shopping option.  I had a couple of meetings with Tim to show him exactly how to update stock, add new seasonal produce, and investigate the analytics of whats selling and when.  Tim is a numbers man and has made full use of the graphs and data available through Creative Cat's website design. 

Laugesens now have some amazing insights on their sales and have reached a new audience with their local vege delivery!



Anita Smart of Smart Naturals started her business with partner Geoff, making handmade kawakawa products using only natural ingredients from their home in Castlecliff, Aotearoa.

​Drawing on the Kawakawa plant’s powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and thoughtfully combining it with other therapeutic ingredients straight from mother nature to create gentle, yet effective products for everyone.

Anita & Geoff wanted a logo, packaging design and website.  I love the results!

"We recently had Emma from Creative Cat build our new website after she had done a stellar job of our new logo, branding and labels.

Our new website is sleek, modern and functional with seamless e-commerce. It's mobile friendly and even super easy for us to do the odd update when required.

Emma has an intuitive sense of design that delivered a final product so much better than we could have imagined!"

- Anita Smart, Boss Lady @ Smart Naturals

Smart Naturals website

Darrell and Mike from the WMSFC needed a new website, their old one was hard to update themselves and not so user friendly.

They needed a sleek, modern design that had all the vital club information easily accessable.  Plus they needed a membership form you could fill out online. 

Creative Cat delivered and they now have a beautiful website with events, newsletters and updates!

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